Thin Lizzy and Judas Priest

It's "concert season" again. So brace yourself for some reviews :) This one is a bit overdue, but work, a convention, plus a bout of laryngitis, I probably caught during the concert has kind of let this slip back into the to do list.

This time it was a double bill, Thin Lizzy and Judas Priest. As I told the woman next to me who has been following Priest for years, I am surprised I never saw them before. I like both bands but had never taken an occasion to see them.

I hope it's not really Priest's last tour, but it's how this tour was billed. Now what do I do?

I guess that mostly it's just that I follow so many other artists that it's a matter of making drastic choices. Can't be everywhere. But this first half of the year has been too quiet. There is also the fact that Damon Johnson who used to play for Alice Cooper is now a full time band member of Thin Lizzy. I love it when people can make their childhood dreams come true. We all have one crazy dray dream (don't we?) where something immensely cool happens, we know it will never happen in real life but it's nice to dream. I used to dream that someone would invent a vehicle that was safe enough for kids to drive to school and that I'd be allowed to have one. Yeah, that one never will happen.
Anyway, I bet Damon used to dream he was on stage with Thin Lizzy all the time as a boy and teenager and then one day he gets asked to play with them for real. I've had similar moments but this must beat them all, crazy stuff.

Thin Lizzy  Thin Lizzy  Thin Lizzy
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I'm not a fan of either bands in the sense I don't have all their albums and don't know much about their history, but I knew them enough to be familiar with all the songs played. Thank you Planet Rock Radio for refreshing my memory lately.
It was more than enough to have a fabulous time anyway. I took a few photos but soon put the camera away to enjoy the shows.

I think I am in a phase where I am rediscovering heavy metal from a new point of view. Not so much out of teenage angst anymore, but just to get the energy juices flowing :) It sure did the trick. Even if the guys are not as energetic as in the past, the show is still super spectacular and the music is asa good as ever. I was really under the charm of Glenn Tipton, still looking the rock star all the way. Poor man hurt his head rather badly as he came out closer to us, he hit his head on a bolt of a low loudspeaker and there was blood pouring down his face for a while, despite his tech trying to wipe it off. It didn't deter him from jumping off the stage at the end to give out guitar picks. Very cool. And I was so incredibly lucky to find another pick from Richie Faulkner lying on the floor as people were leaving!

Judas Priest
  A little hoard Judas Priest
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