A tribute to Ray Manzarek

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Door number two just closed.
Being a teenager in the 80's was really not a fun time for this rock chick. All I was interested in, was the music from my parents' generation. I sometimes forget that I wasn't born in the late 40's and didn't live my youth in the 60's, because I was there with all the might of my imagination. Then I look at my passport and remember I am "only" fourty four and this was a time when I was only a small child.
That's the kind of effect this music had on me, no need for any weird substances to open the doors, the music was doing fine.
Things move on as life goes by, you look for different side roads, but the path remains. I don't listen to the Doors much these days but they sure made an impression then, in the first sense of leaving an imprint for life.
Goodbye Ray and say hi to Jim for me. I'll be with you in a minute, or in 40 years depending.


  1. Interesting how many people of your generation were so intensely interested in the music of their parents' (my) generation. My older son, who would have been 47 this year, certainly was and it shaped the music he wrote and performed.

    And, yes, godspeed Ray Manzarek, may you ultimately receive the due appreciation that oddly seems to have escaped the keyboardists of your time.

    1. I would guess that during some years, what I call real music has been hidden behind commercial needs. Nowadays with the internet you can again hear and follow good artists regardless of a contract with the big industry.

      But there really was something about the sound of the 70's that will always thrill me.


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