Thin Lizzy, redux

Lucky us, Thin Lizzy came back this year for another set. This time at my absolute favourite venue in the world, the Z7 in Pratteln. I really love this place.

We set off after work with two of my friends and got there a little before doors opened. I got a kind of separated from my friends as I really wanted a barrier spot as usual and I went to the other side. In fact it was almost right in the middle, with a good view of each musician, perfect!

As is often the case I quickly made new friends, always nice to trade stories and time passes so fast like that.

What can I say, it's a pleasure to see these "old" bands still playing. Sure there's the personnel changes. I've mentioned these already. But the core remains and boy do they sound good!

Also a big pleasure to listen to Damon Johnson from up close. What an amazing musician! To bad he never tours Europe with his other bands.

I love the interaction between these two, there's pure joy and it sure feels like that in the audience too.

A bit of a crazy month, what with five Alice Cooper gigs and then this. But you only live once. I for one live for live music!

Oh and I got a nice little bonus this time also:

I'm getting used to this, getting my photos signed by the artists "thang". I am not a collecting type of person but this is fun. 


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