Another important anniversary in my life

On this day in 1993 I attended my first open air festival, a friend and I stayed all three days and camped there. By the time it was the 11th of July, the last day of the festival, we had nothing dry to wear any more and I was wearing my pyjamas and two garbage bags to serve as a raincoat.

The main artist I wanted to see was one Robert Plant. Yes that was my first time seeing him. I was a few weeks shy of my 25 birthday, and of course Robert would be 45 the day before my birthday...
Now in a few weeks I shall be 45 and this makes it all even stranger.

Since that day I've seen Plant 29 times (there was a misprint in my file so it's not yet the 30th time), and for once I am going to list all of these dates just for the fun of celebrating these great memories.

9 - 11 July 1993, Frauenfeld, Out In The Green
12 December1993, Robert Plant Zurich, Volkshaus

7 June1995, Page & Plant Lyon, Halle Tony Garnier
1-2 July 1995, Page & Plant , München
7-9 July 1995, Page & Plant, Frauenfeld, Out In The Green
21 August 1998, Page & Plant Vaduz, Little Big Festival (my 30th birthday)
28 August 1998, Page & Plant, Reading
3 November 1998, Page & Plant, Manchester
5 November 1998, Page & Plant London, Wembley
6 November 1998, Page & Plant London, Wembley
20 November 1998, Page & Plant Zurich, Hallenstadion

13 November 1999, Priory of Brion Birmingham, Red Lion
20 May 2000, Priory of Brion, Cheese and Grain, Frome
24 July 2000, Priory of Brion Luzern, Blue Balls Festival

7 July 2001, Page & Plant Montreux, Good Rockin' Tonight

30 May 2002, Strange Sensations, Bangor
8 October 2002, Strange Sensations, Exeter
28 February 2003, Strange Sensations, Riverside Studios, Hammersmith. BBC3 TV Re-Covered London
29 July  2005, Strange Sensations, Reading, Womad Festival
10 March 2006, Strange Sensations, Crans Montana, Caprices

30 June 2006, Robert Plant, Montreux Gala (Ahmet Ertegun tribute)

26 July 2007, Strange Sensations, Paléo Festival, Nyon

10 December 2007, Led Zeppelin !! London, O2

5 May 2008, Plant & Krauss, Birmingham
7 May 2008, Plant & Krauss, Manchester, Apollo
8 May 2008, Plant & Krauss, Cardiff, CIA

23 October 2010, Robert Plant, Band of Joy, Justin Adams Avo Session, Basel
31 October 2010, Robert Plant, Band of Joy, Justin Adams Manchester
23 July 2011, Robert Plant, Band of Joy Nyon, Paléo

As you can see it's the first time I've been two years without seeing him, I hope it won't be too long now. I miss him.


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