Alice Cooper, Mainz, May 31st 2014

Show number 28, and they say they're all the same? They have no idea! Sure the setlist is the same and has been for a while now, but there is always something different and it's always as exciting to be there.

OK there is always queuing involved, unless it's seated which is horrid anyway. But that's half of the fun. This time since the European tour (if you can call it that) is so very short these shows attracted fans from all over Europe. It was fabulous to see the German SickThings again, and then a faction representing the UK, Holland, France, etc. The usual crowd but I also made new friends. It was a wonderful sunny day but not too hot, just perfect.

The usual big stress when the doors open, initial bad luck but then I found a spot at the fence, right in front of Tommy and next to my friend Jean-Yves, I like to be next to him as he always helps me getting in the mood and slipping into character. We both sing along to the intro tapes, well he sings and I always pretend, I don't want to drive people away... mind you that would be an idea to have more space!

People were rather well behaved on our side. Well, once I established no one was going to get my space, not after I queued for 5 hours to get it, all was well. No one pushed or bothered me after that.
The opening band was really good they are called "Fyre", so time went past really fast. I was really impressed by their guitar player. I think I'll have a peek at their album.

Alice's set was great, as usual I am not really qualified to say anything about the technical side, I'm so busy being happy that everything passes me by. The band was in great mood and there were many funny moments. I love watching Tommy, just one look and I am in even better mood. Bit sad to be far to the right but since the stage was relatively small I had a great view. Also good that I got to watch Orianthi from "her" side of the stage as it might well be the last time I see her with Alice, it's pretty obvious she's in for a great solo career and she has to move on now. "Bon vent" as we say in French.

The highlight for me was to see Sheryl's nurse routine, it was the first time I saw this new one, it's evolved since the last time I saw her in the role and it's just fabulous! I'm so glad she's in the show again. The scene is just creepy enough but with the usual big dose of humour and vaudeville, although the song (The Ballad of Dwight Fry) is just as emotional as always, I love it. I think I am a bit in love too, in a very platonic way but yeah.

"Devil's Food" is gone now, I'd like to see it replaced by another big favourite classic, like "I Never Cry" or  "Desperado" but it's just gone. One of my big daydreams would be to just once have a show only for die-hard fans, none of the crowd pleasers and whatever, it's just a dream... But I still adore the cover section, especially the Doors song (Break On Through) and the Beatles song (Revolution)

As I finish typing, tonight's show is about to begin and I wish so much I could be there, it's not helping that the band is posting silly stuff like this. Funny, but I miss everyone, fans and band and all. Until next time.


  1. Such a great show, and it was so wonderful to meet up again. Almost home now (got back to Steve's late last night, so I stayed over), andthen I can sort out all my photos and get posting!


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