Alice Cooper, Z7 Pratteln, 9th June 2016

This was great news when I heard about the venue for this show. It's been my favourite venue since the first time I went there in 1999 to see John Paul Jones. And Alice has played there several times there so it's all linked to good times.

I must say that for the first time I wondered if it was really worth all the fuss, tickets have become so expensive and it's become really hard if not impossible to have space at the fence even if you show up at noon. I normally enjoy the wait as much as the show as it's an occasion to see old friends and make new ones. So it was nice to do that again. But somehow it's not really the same now, I must have become jaded. It's still fun of course and the show is always a good moment. But the huge stress of getting a good spot is getting a bit too much for me now. It's not helped by the fact that half of the first row is taken by VIP ticket holders so there is not much chance for people with a regular ticket. I really have to be in the first two rows or I can leave the venue, agoraphobia sucks big time, but what can  I do?

The set list has finally had a big haul over, well that's a typical fan remark, most people won't even notice that as they will only see one particular show once. But the set list had been more or less the same for what? Four? Five years, I can't really recall such things but a while for sure. Some songs will always be around, to please people who aren't too familiar with songs and want to hear something they know.

But I was really happy to hear some oldies, "Halo of Flies" is back and I loved that song, it used to be one of my favourite moments and it still is. Happy to have heard one song I never saw played live before : "Long Way To Go" is a song from the early days when Alice Cooper were a band and not a solo artist. And so was "Public Animal number 9", these old songs always make me extra happy.


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