Nightwish, Greenfield festival10th June 2016

After many years of trying to see Nightwish I finally got to see them. This may not have been the ideal way as a metal festival is not ideal for listening to a show, many distractions in the form of crowd surfers etc... but it was fun.

I also took the opportunity to see Amon Amarth, great band that often plays in the background while I work.

Festivals all have their good and bad sides, the worst part here was the shuttles, really not reliable at all. But I made it back to the hotel ok. Apart from that it is really a great festival, not as big as I thought initially, but well thought through and with a great ambiance. Lots of space to sit down and eat or just rest. And reasonable prices for drinks and food, at least for Swiss standards.

I really had a good time watching all bands and when it came to the set of Nightwish it was really great, a bit rowdy at times but in an enthusiastic way. The guy in front of me was dancing so wildly that I got hit a few times and spent a lot of time just trying not to get squashed, but I did my share of dancing too. Maybe next time I'll try to find a spot in the back where I can dance more freely.


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