The Dead Daisies, Zurich Komplex 457, 9th August 2016

And on to the next show already. A triple bill this time.
I am not really interested in Steel Panther, I was living in the 70's all through the 80's. But the other two bands already made for a tempting bill. China are also an 80's band but I am more familiar with them, probably because they are based in Switzerland and would be on the radio when I was at University. And one of my current big favourites; The Dead Daisies. Two really short sets but a small club setting and an occasion not to be missed.

I had never been to that venue although it's really famous, very nice place too and there was a good hotel not far away. I brought my new camera this time, hoping it would be ok. Some places don't want cameras with interchangeable lenses as they are better quality, but I only used the smaller lens which is more than enough from that distance. It's become a fun hobby for me to take photos at concerts and I want them to be as good as possible. This camera has the advantage of taking raw files as well, and I am reading up about Lightroom so I can process the images better. Half a song is enough to get some nice shots and then I leave the camera in the bag. Contrary to what some people think it's not at all a distraction to take photos, it allows you to kind of get really close and makes the whole experience even more intense, I usually get into the “zone” when I take photos, I completely forget about the world around me, it's really great to see things you would never notice otherwise.

But I digress. It was a bit strange to have all three bands' set ups bundled together on the small stage. It made for a crowded situation and there was not much space to move during the first set. But that didn't keep anyone from rocking, except it was way too short a set, of course with three bands on the bill you have to shorten the opening set. Sadly the Dead Daisies played only 45 minutes and China's set seemed even shorter.
I need to see both bands in a longer set at some point. In fact I already have a ticket to see the Dead Daisies again this year.

After the Dead Daisies left there were still a ton of guitar picks on Doug Aldrich's stand that he never bothered to throw them to the crowd. But the crew guy who came to dispose of the stand was nice enough to throw them to the crowd. I missed of course but I saw one land by my feet and for once I got it. Same with the set list, I waited around until I got one, then left. Short evening but great fun.

If you're a fan of good old rock and roll do yourself a favour and buy the Dead Daisies albums, it's really worth it. I indulged a bit and got the vinyl and the cd


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