26 November and 28 November 2015, Beastö Blancö

Two shows of another of my top three. I really had to make drastic choice this month as everyone that I like was on tour here at the same time. I finally had made time and bought a ticket for Nightwish but in the end I sold the ticket to go see Beasto. One reason being that I always meet a lot of friends at these shows and the other reason being that they simply blow every other band off the face of the world. I will eventually see Nightwish too and I know they will be amazing especially since they hired Floor
Jensen. They became once again the band I loved. But for now Beasto Blanco wins the race.

It's also fun to see a band in a very small setting, like clubs or small festivals it can be harder to find the right mood but not in this case. Beasto are working on a new album but it didn't come out in time for this short tour. Not really a problem as it's also fun to discover songs live. The ones we got to hear promised a very good album, for sure everyone who was there will buy it as soon as it come out. I can't recommend them enough.

Their shows are in the pure tradition of Alice Cooper but very heavy, think Rob Zombie (and go buy their albums) quite a bit of theatrical moments despite the sometimes tiny stages. 



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