Tom Jones and Van Morrison, 8 November, London O2, Prudential Festival

Continued adventures in the Fall

My initial plan was to fly home on that day so there was time to get ready for the last Alice Cooper show this year. But when I read about this show I simply couldn't let it go. I've wanted to see Tom and Van the Man together ever since they did their duet on Tom's Reload album in 1999! And that grew stronger each time I saw them do something together, like the amazing jam session on Martin Scorcese's "Red White and Blues" film:

I was a bit annoyed that we had to get seat at the back of the hall and indeed it was frustrating. All you could see were tiny dots in the distance but the sound was great which is new for this venue. At the end of Van's set there was a first series of songs with Tom which was so amazing.

Then it was Tom's turn to do his set, a shorter version of his current set, I love it so much I wish I could see it many more times.

The shocking part though was that at least a third of the people started to leave as Van came back for a rousing four songs, the highlight of the night! I can understand that some people had to take the last train home but all of these? And so many showing no interest at all in what to me was the most amazing dream come true in years. If I had wings I would have flow down by the stage to get a look. Of course they did the song from the Reload album (“Sometimes We Cry”), and several others, they closed with “Strange Things Happening Every Day” (by Sister Rosetta Tharpe)

I sure am happy I was around that day and arranged my flight for the next day.

Continued again in the next post...


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